LAP&P is a Leiden-based consultancy company, founded in 1999, offering Modelling and Simulation (M&S) Services to support decision making in Drug Discovery and Drug Development programmes. We intend to be a leading Pharmacometrics Service provider, specialised in Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP), data-driven, mechanistic and translational modelling and simulation. It is in this field, that we believe we can add exceptional value to the client's Discovery and Development programmes. Furthermore, we add value by the implemention and application of well-thought automated processes, thus ensuring a timely and flawless provision of our Services at a competitive price. We will actively search and develop new ideas on the application of modelling in drug development to increase our value for clients. In order to help developing the Pharmacometric sciences and its application in developing improved pharmaceutical therapies, we intend to structurally contribute to scientific projects. Science is in the genes of the company, as LAP&P originates from the Pharmacology faculty of the Leiden University, with Professor Meindert Danhof as one of the cofounders.